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Business Model

Auro Infotech business model – the model for your kind

Auro Infotech have developed and keep a pool of business models as befitting with the varied needs of heterogenous UK client requirements. Clients can choose any of the business models as compatible with their business requirements and convenience. Auro Infotech always open to any business models from our client side too.

Fixed Price

This model is recommended when the scope and specifications of the project are very clear. By adopting the flexible and scalable design we ensure that most changes to requirements are taken care of with minimum effort and time.

fixed price

Time and Material

This model is usually adopted for product development or when the client is not very clear on the requirements. This model is also used for project maintenance where streams of bug fixes or enhancements are expected. The payment is specified in man-hour or per man month basis.

time and material

Offshore Development Center

As per this model, we have create and maintain an exclusive team for the client. The client will have one or more persons at his facility to interact and to coordinate with his hired team at Auro Infotech. The work will be replicated on a daily basis to the development server. UK the client will be in total control of the development and progress of the project.

offshore development center


This model is especially suited to product development. Auro Infotech is ready to share the development costs of the product with the client. We can invest up to 50% of the development costs depending on the assessment done by UK.