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Illustrative Case Study

A software development company in UK conceptualized a product for resource management (CRM). The product was intended to be sold to Fortune100 companies in UK for managing their vast internal resources. The Company had its own manpower for software development. But due to other project commitments did not want to tie up the resources needed for this project. They also wanted to lower the cost of development taking into account the recessionary trends prevailing. It is the case that the company outsourced the product development.

Background - Auro Infotech side

Auro Infotech had already carried out a project for the client. This project was much acclaimed by the end users for its functional utility and high-end graphics. The internal quality assurance team had lauded the project for its high quality. The post implementation support needed for the product was also commendable. The post project assessment by the client had specifically appreciated the Auro Infotech team of developers for the excellent teamwork. Above all, there was an appreciable reduction in the cost of development and Auro Infotech had delivered the product on time.

The background

Auro Infotech put forward the proposal to the company of an offshore development center and to implement the project by the remote delivery and monitoring methodology.

Proposal - Auro Infotech

  • An exclusive team of professionals will be dedicated for the project.

  • The team composition required a team leader, Software engineers, QA experts, and technical communicators at Auro Infotech facility.

  • The work will be replicated daily on the development server. This will facilitate daily review by the client and know about the up to date progress.

  • A project manager will be in charge of the project at the client’s facility in U.K. The team at Auro Infotech in India will work up to noon UK and US time to have proper communication and coordination with the Project Manager of the client at client’s US and UK facility.

  • The hardware and software platform will be mimicked at Auro Infotech to have the most reliable testing.

The prospected advantages for the client

  • Auro Infotech has a world-class development team which they could use as their own.

  • The Auro Infotech team will act as an adjunct to the client’s facility.

  • Considerably lower cost of development with high quality technical manpower.

  • The development team will work at Auro Infotech to synchronize to noon UK and US time which ensure daily communication.

  • Effective development of 24 hours utilizing the time zone advantage.

  • The UK and US client need no hiring of manpower and hence no overheads.

Building Team

Team structure for the project was

team structure

Working Methodology

The Functions of the client and Auro Infotech were laid down as under

team structure

The requirements document was prepared by the client and handed over to Auro Infotech for development. The design, implementation and testing were carried out by Auro Infotech.


We have developed software for following MNC companies Lenova and gopondy. The projects have been successfully completed .we have 100% customer satisfaction guaranty. Our products as well as our services have the ability to compete with international standards.

Business Model - Operation Methodology

Client can propose any business model as per their convenience. Or clients have freedom to choose compatible business model from our pre formatted business models.


Cost Reduction

The financial benefits of offshore outsourcing have been appreciable - development, support and maintenance costs have been reduced considerably. The client found that Auro Infotech management overhead is lower than that of many software companies they had outsourced projects. They felt that many software companies over manage contracts by imposing additional project managers and unnecessary experts, which increases the overall cost.


Auro Infotech has been extremely successful in consistently delivering high-quality applications on time and within budget. The Auro Infotech team of high quality developers led by the project management team and the lead developer team of the client were able to provide international standard to the product. The product could compete with a number of business applications from various countries.

Smooth Business Relationship

The business relationship has always been easy and smooth. The relationship has demonstrated that the balance of trust and control can deliver significant financial and management rewards. The client was fully confident of the quality processes and overall approach by Auro Infotech. The client admits that partnering with Auro Infotech was an intelligent business decision it has taken.